Audio Unlimited 900MHz Wireless Add-on Speaker (Black) (SPK-VELO2)

Publicado: 2011-11-25

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Cables Unlimited SPK-VELO2: This single add-on wireless speaker is the perfect addition to your current Audio Unlimited wireless speaker system (SPK-VELO-001). With this add-on speaker you can create a multi-room sound system and have the freedom to listen to music just about anywhere in your house or yard, without the hassle of running unsightly speaker wires!

Cables Unlimited SPK-VELO2 Feature

Auto tuning function for interference free reception utilizing Phase Loop Lock (PLL) technologyautomatically tuning in the optimal frequency.900 MHz transmitter sends audio signals without speaker wire (transmitter not included)Speaker can be up to 150' away from the audio source, without line of sight limitationsExisting systems transmitter connects via 3.5mm audio cable to PCs, MP3 players, iPods, stereos and home theatre systemsCompact & portable with a stylized design (10H x 5W) - 3 Rubber edge Woofer2 Mylar cone Tweeter 10 Watt RMS Output 9V DC Transformer

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