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Publicado: 2014-12-13

This year, in the emerging web tools such as weibo, blog, BBS intervention, guo, yong big winter railway traffic accidents and landmark events such as school bus in gansu province attracted a large number of people gathered in the short term, broke through the traditional media public opinion blockade, rapid formation of mass against the situation, the intellectual elite, opinion leaders continued to follow up, play a leading role in promoting events into the open, transparent, let everything exposed to sunlight, and rely on the power of conscience, promoting fair and reasonable solution.

Near the time of year, wukan incident once again become the focus of widespread attention at home and abroad replica gucci belts .

Event is caused by local officials illegally selling land collectively owned by peasants, triggered the public dissatisfaction with the village cadres corruption behavior and electoral fraud, the land-lost farmers went to slam shut, and the local government violent crackdown, eventually turned into a bloody conflict. - from virtual to real notable phenomenon in this incident. Is a party for the first time in the specific mass incidents using Internet tools, instant information, accelerate the information dissemination, attract attention, the young generation to skillfully use of the Internet technology, help the villagers to maintain the legitimate rights and interests.

Second, in the case of one step ahead of the Internet, traditional media have to join, form linkage, and to participate in the uprising of the people constitute a partnership, media and citizens to enhance the power of the rebels. replica gucci belts Both prompted the local government under the strong pressure of public opinion, take a more active attitude to solve the problem.

Three is wukan in people put forward the specific interests in the event, from the concrete to the abstract, showed the people to the understanding of the nature endemic corruption in deepening, thus, the so-called intelligence is not open, is nothing more than the authorities to strengthen controlling of rhetoric. Intelligence open open, however, not a ruler, education can people, Buy when the rise of the Internet, many functions of education is replaced with it the burden of enlightening the fact for the bear. Four is along with the development of the incident, the official attitude, from violence to appease peace, is sensitive to, should be encouraged, also reflects the as long as people are willing to express anger, fighting to death, authorities also fear of revolutionary culture fake gucci belts.

It must be pointed out that wukan event of dramatic and even with a comic ending, is not the official materially did people-based, rather than a tactical concessions, is a political pr move. In the eyes of some politicians, cheap gucci belts it certainly is a good political model. We have seen, however, and will continue see, and important figures in wukan incident will have been pursuing.

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